Frequently Asked Questions

Diamond Related Questions

What makes Victor Canera diamonds so special?
Are all of your diamonds in house?
Why would purchasing from a retailer that owns their own diamonds matter?
Do you offer custom cut (cut to order) diamonds?
Can you describe the Custom Diamond, Cut to Order Process?
Do you have any in house Gemologists?
Do you offer a lay-away or payment plan?
I would like to reserve a diamond. Is this possible?
I live out of state. Would it be possible to view a diamond without first paying for it?
I'm interested in a diamond. Would it be possible to have a video prepared of it?
I have a diamond that I'd like to have re-cut. Is that something you could help with?
Why do you not have thousands of diamonds for sale?

Custom Design Related Questions

Why are quotes valid for only a limited time?
Are your prices negotiable?
The quote was above our budget. What do you suggest?
The quote given was higher than "another vendor".
Why is my project taking so long to complete?
Would it be possible to create a design for me with sketches etc.?
I'm considering commissioning a new unique design but I'm nervous as to how it will turn out.
I have an August Vintage® branded stone. Can I have a jewel made for it?
Do you provide "process" photos of the creation of a design?
I'm interested in having a jewel made with very specific measurements, like a 12mm halo with 1.55mm melee, and 1.85mm melee on the shank etc.
Can you provide professional photos of my ring?
Do all Victor Canera designs carry the company hallmark and its metal content?
Would it be possible to recycle the metal on my ring and re-use it for my new ring?

General Jewelry Related Questions

I would like a jewel that is perfect at the macro level. Is this a reasonable expectation?
I'm interested in a pave ring but I've heard they're very delicate. Is this true?
Is one type of pave more durable than another?
I would like to have my ring re-sized. Is this possible?
I have a ring and I'd like to add a halo or other modifications to it.
I'd like to wear a band with my engagement ring. What do you recommend?
What is the best to way clean my jewelry at home?
What's the difference between single cut melee and full cut melee.
Do you provide a tour of the Victor Canera workshop?
I'm interested in a colored stone such as a sapphire, emerald or ruby. Would you be able to source a stone for me?