We are extremely confident in the craftsmanship and value of our Canera Ideal Hearts diamonds. Victor Canera therefore offers a one year buy back guarantee of these in house diamonds.


If the need arises and your purchase is past the 21 day return and refund period, we will gladly purchase back your CIH diamond for 70% of its original purchase value within one year of its original purchase date. Clients past their one year purchase date are asked to Contact us to discuss the sale of their diamond.

Terms and Conditions

Diamonds must be returned, in their original, pristine condition. Diamonds found to be damaged will not be eligible for this benefit.

Diamonds turned in will be re-submitted to its accompanying lab report's laboratory to confirm the diamond's condition. The cost of a new lab report of $200 will be deducted from the credit amount. A term of two to three weeks is required for diamonds to be re-verified and processed. The credit will be given minus any shipping fees.

Credit does not apply to jewelry items. For example, if your purchase of a diamond included a ring, credit will only be given for the loose diamond.

The BuyBack period extends from the initial purchase of a Victor Canera signature cut diamond. This period does not proactively reset upon an instance of an upgrade.

*Policies are subject to change without notice. This benefit applies to diamonds purchased from the “Last Updated” date below.

Launched July 26, 2015, modified June 22, 2021

If you have any questions or concerns about our Buy Back Benefit, your diamond purchase, or anything else that comes to mind please Contact us or Call (888)860-6430, we will be happy to assist you.