is the continuation of a jewelry tradition that began in the 20th century that spans three generations of a family and two continents. As the culmination of this legacy, our goal is to offer nothing short of the finest, bespoke jewelry and diamonds available today. The namesake of the company, Victor Canera, is a native of East Europe and came of age in the world of easygoing, sun-drenched Southern California. Reflecting his life experiences, Victor's handmade collection of diamond jewelry and high performance diamonds romances themes of both old-world and contemporary.

Victor Canera working on a Sketch

A third-generation jeweler and diamantaire, Victor grew up immersed in diamonds, platinum and gold. "I've been involved in jewelry, I can say, since the age of 12. I remember the summers I spent helping my family in their diamond and jewelry business, how much I learned by watching and being taught by master craftsmen at work. At the age of 39, when I tell people I have 27 years of experience, we both have a laugh." After college Victor managed his family's jewel house, involved in every facet of the business from design, to bench work to sales. After graduating from the Gemological Institute of America in 1996 Victor followed his family's footsteps and specialized in important diamonds that were set in equally important jewels. In his own words; "Diamonds are one of a kind, each has its own characteristics, almost a personality. No two stones are alike. It's almost a sad sight to see these unique gems put in second class mountings of questionable quality. The idea came to me in 1999 to form a company that would create pieces worthy of these gems. A one of a kind, hand made design, created for and only for that unique diamond. I began Canera in 2000 to accomplish that goal."

What inspires Victor are the jewels created in the 1920s 30s, jewels that are called vintage or estate jewelry today. "It amazes me how craftsmen of of 80 years ago and more, created such stunning jewels without the aid of the technology that people today use. In the modern world, their art is basically a lost one. Today, we mainly have mass produced jewelry, kind of a cookie cutter mentality. We're the complete antithesis of this mentality. We design our jewelry based around a diamond. We come up with a design that would best accentuate this gem. We fabricate our jewelry the same way the craftsmen of a hundred years ago did in Europe. By hand. We don't use the help of wax or casting to make fabrication easier for us but degrade the quality of the final product. Each jewel can be made up of dozens of parts, like wires and plates of platinum or gold that are assembled to create the final jewel. Ours is a puristic and a bit idealistic approach to the art of jewelry making. At the end of the day though our customers have a jewel that's one of a kind, and made by hand, just for them." The result of this philosophy is a stunning collection of handmade jewelry fashioned from only the finest hand selected diamonds in platinum and gold. Each piece of Victor Canera jewelry is a one-of-a-kind, born from a stone and the vision of a craftsman and designer.