Men's Band, 6mm with Two Rows of Miligraining

Wedding Band

Available by Special Order
SKU 7069-678-088

This substantial men's band is 6mm wide and features two rows of fine milligraining on the top surface. The corners of the band are rounded to slightly soften its features. A strong comfort fit inside of the band will make this piece comfortable to wear everyday.

Hand Fabricated Works of Art

This jewel is uniquely hand-forged using old world techniques. Victor Canera's hand-forged fabrication process produces jewels of the most exquisite quality compared to modern day techniques for mass production that degrade quality.  LEARN MORE >

Crafted in - Platinum

Precious Platinum is the preferred white metal for Victor Canera. Platinum exceeds gold in rarity and has many distinct advantages when utilized in jewelry. These benefits include its non-oxidizing and non-tarnishing characteristics, hypoallergenic properties, greater durability, and higher color purity compared to white gold.  LEARN MORE >
Yellow Gold
Rose Gold
White Gold

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