Pave Set Coiled Diamond Band

Wedding Band

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A hand fabricated diamond wedding featuring a coiled or spiraling design which elegantly coils around the finger. This piece is pave set throughout and accentuated with fine millgraining. A small added touch is the slight tapering of the ends of the band which results in a more delicate visual. The central, bezel set 0.30ct emerald cut diamond creates a symmetric visual as well.

Hand Fabricated Works of Art

This jewel is uniquely hand-forged using old world techniques. Victor Canera's hand-forged fabrication process produces jewels of the most exquisite quality compared to modern day techniques for mass production that degrade quality.  LEARN MORE >

Crafted in - Platinum

Precious Platinum is the preferred white metal for Victor Canera. Platinum exceeds gold in rarity and has many distinct advantages when utilized in jewelry. These benefits include its non-oxidizing and non-tarnishing characteristics, hypoallergenic properties, greater durability, and higher color purity compared to white gold.  LEARN MORE >
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