3.02ct G - VS1 Radiant GIA Diamond

G Color | VS1 Clarity - Natural Diamond
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This 3.020ct G Color VS1 Clarity Radiant natural diamond comes accompanied with a Lab Report by GIA.

Lab Report
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Diamond Information
The radiant cut is a cut cornered square shape that incorporates the brilliant faceting of a round into both its crown and pavilion facets. The result is a very vibrant and fiery diamond. LEARN MORE >

The Color G is the first grade in the “Near Colorless”, G-J range. Any color in a G colored stone would be difficult to detect unless compared loose and side by side to a higher colored stone. A G color grade is a very good value while still yielding a diamond that appears relatively colorless. LEARN MORE >

Very Slightly Included 1. The inclusions in this clarity are small and are not visible to the unaided eye. Locating inclusions may take a trained gemologist a few seconds to locate using a 10x magnifying loupe. A VS1 clarity offers a great cost to clarity for those that prefer a cleaner diamond without the nuances of lower clarities. LEARN MORE >


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