2.04ct FANCY-YELLOW - IF Radiant GIA Diamond

FANCY-YELLOW Color | IF Clarity - Natural Diamond
$15,250 (Bank Wire)
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This 2.040ct FANCY-YELLOW Color IF Clarity Radiant natural diamond comes accompanied with a Lab Report by GIA.
Lab Report
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Diamond Information
The radiant cut is a cut cornered square shape that incorporates the brilliant faceting of a round into both its crown and pavilion facets. The result is a very vibrant and fiery diamond. LEARN MORE >

The "Fancy" color grade is the second grade in the Fancy Color diamond scale after "Fancy Light" and below "Fancy Intense" and "Fancy Vivid". Diamonds of this color, will have reasonably strong color saturation and will have a beautifully visible colored appearance. LEARN MORE >

Internally Flawless. This diamond has no internal inclusions and is considered to be a very rare and valuable diamond. An IF diamond is completely free of internal inclusions to a skilled grader using a 10x loupe. LEARN MORE >


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