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1.527ct F - VS2 Canera Antique Cushion Ideal Cut AGS Diamond

Ideal Cut | F Color | VS2 Clarity - Natural Diamond
$13,595 (Bank Wire)
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This 1.527ct F Color VS2 Clarity Victor Canera Signature - Canera Antique Cushion, Old Mine Brilliant Vintage Cushion Cut natural diamond with a Cut grade of Ideal and having a Light Performance grade of Ideal comes accompanied with a Lab Report by AGS.
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Diamond Information
The CAC is a proprietary design inspired by Old Mine Brilliant diamonds of yesteryear and can be found exclusively at VictorCanera.com. The CAC is polished for Light Performance and Cut Precision while retaining the charm of antique diamonds. LEARN MORE >

Cut is the most important of the Four Cs and correlates directly to the brilliance and therefore the beauty of a diamond. An Ideal cut can offer a superior level of optical symmetry, light performance and overall brilliance due to its proportions and high level of cutting craftsmanship. LEARN MORE >

The Color F is the third and final grade in the “colorless”, D-F range. An F color will appear brilliantly white mounted on platinum or white gold. For consumers that are color sensitive, an F is an ideal grade while yielding a better value compared to a D or E colored stone. LEARN MORE >

Very Slightly Included 2. The inclusions on this clarity range from difficult to somewhat easy for a trained gemologist to locate using a 10x loupe with inclusions that are not visible to the unaided eye. A VS2 offers a great cost to clarity ratio for most people. LEARN MORE >


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